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Filipino teachers fail to show up

Back in January, the Roanoke school system's human resources director traveled to the Philippines to recruit teachers.

When she came back, she said she had hired six qualified teachers, all of whom were to teach special education, a notoriously hard-to-fill position for schools across the country.

Fast forward about eight months. There's a new administration in the school system. The former human resources director, Gloria Simon, left over the summer.

Now, a day before the start of school, new administrators are left with a pressing question: Where are the six Filipino teachers?

"I am just dumbfounded by this," said Rita Bishop, who took over as superintendent a month ago.

The school system had prepared orientation packets for the Filipino hires and expected them on the first day of new teacher orientation Aug. 23.

They did not show up.

School administrators then tried unsuccessfully to contact Green Life Care International, the recruiting company that was supposed to arrange for the teachers to come to Roanoke. The company also arranged and paid for Simon's January trip to Manila and Cebu in the Philippines.


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