Our mission is to bring together the Filipino educators in the Philippines and around the world, to give voice to our aspirations, to create a partnership with major education advocates and organizations, to advance the best possible innovative outreach and professional development projects for the teachers and students of the Philippines.


An Open Letter to Pinoy Teachers

Today, December 12, 2005, marks the 5th month of our existence as a global support network of Filipino Teachers and Education Advocates. I am so proud of all of us that we are spreading far and wide our advocacy and are successfully executing our every project which aims to give back to our country, and spread our culture and tradition.

Next year, 2006, we will be doing more noble projects, and we would need the cooperation and commitment of everyone in the Pinoy Teachers Network family. I've been reflecting a lot about our support network for quite sometime now. And I am inviting everyone to read and understand what's in my mind. Please tell me if you feel the same way too...if you say yes, we surely need YOU.

Dear PTN Members,


While on my way back from the National Writing Project Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I just thought I had to express myself to you because many of you do not really understand what the Pinoy Teachers Network is about. You may just have joined the band wagon not understanding the advocacy of PTN. I encourage you to read and understand what has been published and unpublished about our fast growing support network:

This support group of Filipino Teachers wasn’t meant to be easy. Pinoy Teachers Network is going to evolve over time, it is a creative process. We are bound to fail but together as Pinoy Teachers we will rise again as one network. We hope to have our own identity as Filipino Teachers, not just an organization working under the umbrella of another organization. We hope that our organization will gain prestige, recognition and respect as other professional organizations do. And to be able to achieve that goal we have to protect ourselves and our identity as Filipino Teachers. We need to step back and reflect on where this support network is going. And that is what I personally want to do over the Holidays. The Holidays is supposed to be our time to have fun and not be stressed out. But if you’ve committed yourselves already, we’ll be here to support you, because that’s what we are supposed to be: a support system of Filipino Teachers collaborating with other organizations with their EDUCATION RELATED activities and responding to the issue of “brain drain” back home. After all, the Philippine Education is what made us world class teachers, don’t you think it’s payback time? Let’s rethink over and over our goals being a Filipino Teacher.

I’ve always believed that the Filipino Teachers has something more to achieve and share than being workers in the classroom. Professional development, personal development, and giving back to our country (not just serving the Fil Am community), we can be experts in these fields.

Being in the Pinoy Teachers Network is life changing, and it will automatically challenge you to become Filipino Teacher Leaders, who do not only make a difference to our country but to the world. Let us make every experience with the Pinoy Teachers Network a positive experience.

Let’s continue to meet on common ground. Working together we can solve problems. Our differences are our strengths. We can always find an advocate of what we do in others, so we don’t have to start from the very beginning.




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Pinoy Teachers Network has been a great help to new teachers here in America. More power to its Prime Movers who are always there to inform and facilitate the involvement of us teachers in any enriching activities. -- Perla Alega, PG County, Maryland--

Thanks to the Filipino Teachers behind PTN. This is a great start to an inspiring movement in the field of education around the globe! Let's continue in the growing process and keep ourselves connected! --- Liz Genuino, Los Angeles, CA ---

We have done well. Let us continue doing what we are doing and still do more. --Ma. Lourdes Ladrido, PhD, IloIlo Philippines--

Continue to stay focused so PTN can achieve its full potential... --- MS. HJAYCEELYN QUINTANA First Secretary & Consul Head, Cultural Section Embassy of The Philippines Washington DC--