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WHAT: The Community Farewell for Ambassador Albert and Mrs. del Rosario
WHEN: July 7, Friday 6:30 PM
WHERE: JWMarriott Hotel, Pennsylvania Ave, NW.
COST: $45.00Proceeds will go to the Philippine American Foundation for Charities
To the Filipino American Community of Metro Washington, D.C.:

I have been asked about my reaction to your Open Letter.

In truth, your Open Letter has welled up so much deep feelings within me.

There is no way for me to thank you for your zeal in taking a position on my behalf.

At the same time, I am most saddened that my situation has caused your expression of disappointment with our government. If you will, may I please urge us to move on.

I have no regrets whatsoever in coming to Washington, D.C. It has been a joy and a privilege to work hand-in-hand with all of you to help our government and our people.

It is fully my intention to continue serving my country in my forthcoming capacity as a private citizen. Let us look on how we can build upon our constructive partnership and our invaluable friendship to strengthen the institutions and to benefit the people of the Philippines.

With my affection, I am

Sincerely yours,

An Open Letter to Her Excellency, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,
President of the Republic of the Philippines
June 21, 2006

Dear President Arroyo,

We are deeply saddened that Ambassador Albert del Rosario has been unceremoniously dismissed from his post as the official representative of the Philippine Government to the United States. The news of his untimely removal was particularly shocking to us, coming as it did at the height of our Filipino American Centennial Celebration. He has played a highly visible role in projecting a positive image of Filipinos in America and in nurturing the historic friendship between the U.S. and the Philippines.

But what is more dismaying is the unprincipled manner in which his exemplary service has been abruptly terminated. Common decency and respect require that a head of state treat her official representative with high professional standards befitting his stature. Ambassador del Rosario has certainly upheld those standards throughout his five years in Washington, D.C., even to the extent of defending your administration’s integrity in the face of withering criticism.

We are utterly disappointed that despite his loyalty and dedication you chose to treat him so shabbily. It’s simply beneath the dignity of your office, Madam President. How could you stoop so low as to not even give him the courtesy of a personal call informing him of your action. This is truly disheartening given the ambassador’s abiding faith in your administration’s mandate to represent the best interest of the Filipino people. Your actions fuel even more cynicism and mistrust at a time when we are being asked to give your leadership the benefit of the doubt.

Ambassador del Rosario has served his country in many extraordinary ways and we will always remember him with much affection and respect.

The Filipino American Community of Metro Washington, D.C.


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