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Did We Dream Too Fast?

by: (Philippines) Julieta "Bing" Yap, PTN Parent Advocate, E-group Moderator

That was a one-liner from an ad in the 1970's. And probably a question in the minds of some who thinks that PTN's creation is an overused idea of promoting Philippine education.

A non-teacher like me could not probably feel the joys of being one. But seeing the network's achievements and how it has fared, I can say PTN did its job respectably. Many of its achievements which mirror the group's objective of "Kayang-kaya, basta sama-sama" had inspired and is inspiring Filipino teachers around the world. It had introduced to the world that Filipino teachers can think and act for the Filipino dream of becoming one of the best, and giving the best.

The two founders, both teachers in the Philippines and Washington DC, have to be congratulated foremost for the success. In their busy teaching world, they have managed to generate an idea that will help not only promote Philippine education but to develop more compassion for the profession and instill the value of camaraderie, love and concern among Filipino and non-Filipino teachers. They have exhausted all the best resources and efforts to make the endeavor a successful one. They have encouraged many Filipino teachers to participate and contribute their ideas and thoughts.

The PTN Core Group Members (scattered in the Philippines (6), Washington DC, Maryland, Florida, California, and Canada), and its members across the globe, has to be congratulated, too, for their nonstop support. Their contributions, articles, podcasts, etc, as well as their cooperation and efforts, are as indelible as the pillars of Philippine education.

Now, did we dream too fast? No, it's only the beginning of a very well meaning endeavor to promote patriotism and to uplift and change the Philippine education system.

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, Pinoy Teachers Network, on July 12!!!


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Thanks to the Filipino Teachers behind PTN. This is a great start to an inspiring movement in the field of education around the globe! Let's continue in the growing process and keep ourselves connected! --- Liz Genuino, Los Angeles, CA ---

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