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Image and video hosting by TinyPicBy: Zarah Gagatiga, Teacher/ Media Specialist Xavier School of Greenhills QC, Local PTN Liaison

I was in Hong Kong last year, attending a conference, when Teacher Sol informed me via email that "we" have given birth to PINOY TEACHERS' NETWORK. The "we" meant a core group, a good number of avid teacher bloggers and supporters all standing on common ground. Back then, all "we" wanted was an online community for Filipino teachers here, there and everywhere in the globe for them to feel inspired, motivated and appreciated. Teaching is no easy task and teachers are always left out stressed and stretched. An online community for Pinoy teachers may rejuvenate them and may give them the enthusiasm. After one year of active account in Yahoogroups, PTN continues to be a venue where Pinoy teachers from all over can connect, communicate and care about each other.

Do not think that the journey to its 1st year had been smooth. There were differences in opinions and personalities among members to start with, besides the challenge of monthly and weekly updates in the PTN Blog. But what is a group of people, or a community with out trials and troubles? We all have to go through the hardships, the pains and the problems to gain contentment, joys and accomplishments. We had to face our own personal problems too. Nevertheless, we stuck to PTN and its objectives to lend support and "online" presence to the members, lurkers or not.

Despite our busy schedules and tremendous work, PTN was able to pull out projects that foster a sense of community to fellow Pinoy teachers in the US. More and more Pinoy teachers are subscribing to the network. The e-group is kept alive and kicking. Articles and issues on education are continously being discussed. Attempts at technology integration and at being better at this noble, yet thankless craft is never wanting. The Ulirang Guro feature is updated bi-weekly and write ups by teacher volunteer writers are constantly posted in the PTN blog.

If you ask me what else would I want to do for PTN this year, aside from the collaboration that Rox Cosico (Claret, QC), Maria Valdermey (Giorgia, USA) and Teacher Sol (Washington DC, USA) are cooking up, I would want an EB. An eye ball to meet all PTN members based in Manila. Impossible you say, for teachers are busy creatures? Teacher Sol is planning to come home some time soon. So who knows? An EB with Sol may just be the highlight for PTN's 2nd year anniversary in 2007.

Maligayang Kaarawan, PTN!


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Pinoy Teachers Network has been a great help to new teachers here in America. More power to its Prime Movers who are always there to inform and facilitate the involvement of us teachers in any enriching activities. -- Perla Alega, PG County, Maryland--

Thanks to the Filipino Teachers behind PTN. This is a great start to an inspiring movement in the field of education around the globe! Let's continue in the growing process and keep ourselves connected! --- Liz Genuino, Los Angeles, CA ---

We have done well. Let us continue doing what we are doing and still do more. --Ma. Lourdes Ladrido, PhD, IloIlo Philippines--

Continue to stay focused so PTN can achieve its full potential... --- MS. HJAYCEELYN QUINTANA First Secretary & Consul Head, Cultural Section Embassy of The Philippines Washington DC--